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Welcome to Eduwings Global, where a dedicated team of professionals is passionately committed to serving the student community with unwavering integrity and transparency. Our seasoned experts bring a wealth of qualifications and experience to the fields of test preparation and study abroad, all under the astute leadership of our CEO, Mr. Gaurav Modgill, and COO, Mr. Digish Narang.

Since our establishment, Eduwings Global has been honored with numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. We proudly hold the distinction of being named the top Consultant by Cambrian College, Canada in India, and receiving the esteemed title of "Legend of Ludhiana" by a national newspaper, along with the coveted "Champion of Champions" recognition by Cambrian College.

At Eduwings Global, we place paramount importance on transparency and integrity in every interaction with our valued customers. Our unwavering commitment to a student-centric approach is reflected in the numerous appreciation notes we receive from both students and their parents, which we consider as significant milestones in our journey.

In an era where financial gains often take precedence, Eduwings Global stands out for its steadfast dedication to fairness and its unwavering focus on delivering top-quality services that prioritize student satisfaction.

Our team members have facilitated educational visits to various countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and more. These visits allow to personally explore institutions and engage with campus teams who provide invaluable insights.

Recognizing our social responsibility, Eduwings Global actively collaborates with multiple NGOs in the region, supporting a range of social causes. In the realm of quality services, Eduwings Global stands as a distinguished leader among service providers, and we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Gaurav Moudgill


Gaurav Moudgill, the visionary leader behind Eduwings Global, driving success in the realm of immigration with expertise, empathy, and a commitment to client-centered solutions.

Digish Narang


Introducing our COO Mr. Digish Narang at Eduwings Global, a guiding force in immigration services, combining extensive expertise with a client-focused approach.

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