Fort Worth Mall BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - 20 Grain Piano Inch Wood Paint + -,Stands,BXYXJ,Grain,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Paint,Monolith,Inch,Wood,$205,Speaker,Piano,/anacoluthon764865.html,+,20 $205 BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - 20 Inch,Wood Grain + Piano Paint Home Kitchen Furniture $205 BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - 20 Inch,Wood Grain + Piano Paint Home Kitchen Furniture Fort Worth Mall BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - 20 Grain Piano Inch Wood Paint + -,Stands,BXYXJ,Grain,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Paint,Monolith,Inch,Wood,$205,Speaker,Piano,/anacoluthon764865.html,+,20

Fort Worth Mall BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - Award 20 Grain Piano Inch Wood Paint +

BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - 20 Inch,Wood Grain + Piano Paint


BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - 20 Inch,Wood Grain + Piano Paint

Product description

Product Name: Audio Stand

Color: Walnut

Top paint board size: 210 * 300 * 18mm

Center pillar size: 120 * 175 * 457mm

Primer board size: 270 * 420 * 25mm

Accessories screws: stainless steel M6 * 25mm

Product material: All wood

Product weight: 7.5 kg

BXYXJ Monolith Speaker Stands - 20 Inch,Wood Grain + Piano Paint

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